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We manufacture, market and distribute a balanced portfolio of industrial products. Our plastic products include closures, contact lens packaging, plastic cutlery, refrigerator door liners and medical disposables. We are the largest North American producer of niche products fabricated from solid zinc strip and are a primary source supplier of copper-plated zinc penny blanks to the mints of both the United States and Canada, as well as a supplier of coinage to other international markets. Our Shakespeare® branded product lines include specialty nylon polymers, marine and military antennas, a broad range of engineered monofilaments, conductive fibers and consumer products.
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We specialize in the consumer products, personal care, and medical markets. Our involvement includes design and manufacturing for:
    Specialty Packaging
    Sustainable Packaging
    Plastic Cutlery
spacer Our zinc strip is utilized throughout the world in a broad range of applications, including:
   Building Materials
   Rain Goods
   Plumbing Hardware
   Cathodic Protection
We offer custom products and innovation at a great value for the following markets:
     Military & Marine Antennas
     Custom Resins
     String Trimmer Accessories
     Custom Monofilaments
     Conductive Fibers